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Related article: Date : Wed, March 10, 2010 19 04th 21 -0800 ( PST ) From: Bob Archman u003cbldhrymn yahoo. com u003e Subject : Bronco Bruce and the casting couch 4 Bronco Bruce and the casting couch 4 Preteen Pussy Pics hairy bald man This is the story of gay men and gay sex. If you do not like NO n to read. You have been warned. It is intended for adults to read, Preteen Pussy Pics not for n minors. It's a fantasy, not a sex manual. No effort to show safe sex practices have been made. If you have a comment please send an email to bldhrymn yahoo. com or aol bldhrymn. com. went good with children. I liked the sex and age I like men. I felt it and she was out. A man was touching my prostate, , but it was fine. I played a little difficult to get in a playful manner. that liked the game of cat and mouse. that played cat and mouse, since n is a cat sure, I'm interested. That was Ari. I arrived just before opportunity. The party was fun. We broke at 3:00 of the clock. Ari has me on the side. The party is over, but some of my friends to stay a long time hard core. Are you interested? " ", I'm sure. " " Let me warn you some of the guys you call us by the hair club for men. No a lot, " he said. " Most of them are also tops. " " That's fine with me, " I replied. " In fact, it sounds very exciting. " " There can be four, " whispered Ari. " Not a gangbang, but there is a fucking n Lots. " " All caps ? I am the only reason? "I asked. He nodded. " Hot Damn! " I added. " I like a guy with a good attitude. " Four men were, five if you include Ari. They fucked all over me, but was not a gang bang. All were grateful to me and care. Saulo is a bald man, very short furry tail cropped. billiard ball heads shaved, and began to inch curly hair under a shirt collar dress would feel. that loved young men I figured I wanted to be sure I was ready to screwed. I was not sure. Bruno was a massive muscle bear, and it must be 6-4 or five. that s had a white beard and longtheir body hair was white too. He was tall, with , a touch of style to the fire plug. They called the Snowman, Frosty not like the snowman, but the Yeti. I thought he looked like Santa with a dose of twice the testosterone. Nestor was a Greek costume. It was not so tanned otter line to see. He had salt and pepper hair and a body good, uncut. Everything about him was thin and long term, especially his foreskin. that s not just pull on the floor, but it seemed possible. He was the perfect gay man as seen in movies, swishy and affected. His cock was all the people. The fourth man was Ronnie Raging Raleigh, a former professional wrestler. It s was built as the Hulk. His nickname was the bear was. Her brown hair put all white and covered, but the eyeballs and the cock the head. He has cut his hair or beard infrequently and had more hair on the as most of the men was in their minds, it was hairy. His tail was tucked in any part of the forest, the pubic hair. He would have been hisscary looking, but the white hair was lost in Preteen Pussy Pics the cafe at least threatening. In addition to his furry, they were different men. Saul was insecure and nervous, snowman was relaxed and casual. Nestor was a fucking fagot fire and proud and Ronnie was a wild man. Ari brought some pipe lubricants and several bottles of poppers. Do you want to catch me, and all have the desire. Everyone was very excited, , but they had different personalities and approaches to life. Nestor I tried as a delicate flower that had to be inseminated. that was at his extra foreskin turned around and play with it. Nestor as dass He said his foreskins of some men. I loved it and docked for the first time. Cum inside pre -lubricated tube meat. I was a little thicker than Nestor and was a good fit. So much so dass We were playing around and just a little Nestor has his cock in my ass for me to talk about. men see shit like Nestor. He liked a lot, dStokes could eep s his cock is all the action. I do not mind the spotlight , and want to see my reaction to the tail of Nestor. "I will shoot soon," complained Nestor. " Where do you want ? " " Try to shoo him deeply," said Ari. "It's going to lubricate the inside. " It was n well for me. Most men ridges when to shoot. Nestor continues to pump as all my love through the sphincter of the deepest cream slots. He pulled and rested all and have a drink. While drinking, Saul whispered, "Can we not next time if you want to I do not understand.. ? " Saul on the couch. I played with the cock for a minute or two n. Saul hard rock. I straddled him out ass on the cock and sat on it. Saul had gone as equivalent to Jewish s a moment with Jesus. That shone. Saul was a happy man. I was ready for a long trip, but appeared to Saul. "Damn Saul, you have to work on your endurance! " Ari said. All men laughed. Apparently it was a joke that was with them. I wanted to get up, but Raging Ronnie was there. "Maintaining the hole in the n will open. I love to fuck cum Kosher as a lubricant. Like s doggie? " I said yes. " keep the hole open. It's easier that way," he reiterated. It was enormous. Ronnie took me sat down and put his cock in the ass in a a single movement. I had not seen the tail, as it was in his hair matted pubic Forest. was as thick or thicker than any cock I had before. I was relaxed n and easily crashed through my sphincter. Provided, but that has to stop. I opened his mouth to catch his breath and his cock came just a if he was six feet long. For the first time I was on a spit. "Ronnie can do it again. Done Bronco has seen roast suckling pig s only get to ' n , Nestor said. She laughed again. "There is a lubricant that makes it kosher," said Saul. For me it was nice, but not to produce an orgasm. I enjoyed the satisfaction of a piece as Ronnie. He loved the feeling of satisfaction and broadcast me. Ronnie also the opposite of a trip. He stood firm, and happy for 15 minutes. Ari sweetens offer he could in a position in which he sucked. That was wonderful. Ar of the balls were true factories cream and enjoyed it. "This child needs a break," said Saul. "We will not use it. " Ronnie has a dozen encounters difficulty. I felt his cock throb in my ass when n shot his load. We broke down and had a drink. I was a little tired, but is still very amused me. Ari and snow man sat beside me as we drank n and talked. Finally, I joined two. Ari got into my ass while sucking Snowman. When the film, he came to Ari pulled out and may take Snowman is a turning point. Nestor made ​​me suck her long fur. The taste of semen is kept in his foreskin. Ari and I share a snowman. I met Ronnie, and he was sucking cum still drooling from her orgasm. I'll shoot, " I exclaimed. Ronnie stepped forward andswallowed from the tap. Always out of my way to orgasm juice to drop the balls. Snowman was with me was when he dropped. I trembled when Snowman n Ari left and returned for one last orgasm. That's it, I thought, but Ronnie did not buy my semen. He saved kisses snowman and Nestor. Ari not to shoot your ass. Moved Preteen Pussy Pics and shot him in the mouth. I sucked it and taste of the male seed, men stored in the ass with your beer home. That was good. play for an hour or so. Ari, Ronnie snowman and fucked me took me to Saul a second time and found that was more in the valley, and it can be. When I went to Nestor, complained about the size of my penis, but the complaints were not enough n serious about losing your erection. I was about seven years and went to sleep good. The next day, cried and thanked me for helping him out. almost half of club members called him and thanked him for finding me. I had a couple of days after Mark sent mesatisfy another customer with another Jung n Mark Knowles of sand. of sand was a flake. Well like I was young, handsome and voluble. Later found out that I was 35, looked much younger than his age. We arrived at the in a big house with a door electronically operated. Arena shouted our names n and opened the door by remote control. The house looked like an East Coast colonial mansion. The pool was in a garden in the rear. I started to clean, while Sandy was looking for the owner. Half an hour sand later returned with an older man who obviously had done all n humanly possible has to look her age. Perhaps some of the things that is was not humanly possible, when ye find him at close range. Trance beach it. There was no love in his eyes. "Bronco is Mr. Alistair Fuller, the famous producer," said Sandy. Another man came home form. He was older, he walked slowly and using a cane. He moved strangely, I saw the white cane. "This is my dear friend, William Waldos, "said Alistair. Waldo was wearing shorts and a white jacket pool. He was tanned n and I supposed that he spent much time outdoors. He was in a better state by when made remotely. was a swimmer. called his jacket and stood at the edge of the pool and floated in. He rounds. must have kept the number of strokes it would take to do an n Preteen Pussy Pics back. Waldo was a good swimmer. Alistair and Sandy went back into the house and left me alone with Waldo. After a couple of laps, came out. "Do I can tell the staff? "That request. I've managed him and he on a couch. " I call an old friend of mine, Ari Kappas. He said you were a child good. "Waldo said. " He said I could concentrate on enjoying yourself. " " try to be nice. I had a good time with him, "he said. Waldo was perhaps 70, with white hair and a mustache. He was tall and thin, his chest n was too hairy. "said Ari, who liked men who were beyond their expiration," said Waldo. " do not know if I found one mone, until now, "I said. " I think that is so good to the last drop? " Waldo laughed. " Are you the last drop ? " " Well, let's say, everything is in perfect condition. Not even require adjustment. " " I've heard of the commission for a while. I believe, and everything is rusty obstructed. "Waldo said. " Since I was blind and that was difficult. " How long have you been blind? " I asked. " Nine months," he said. "I was in a car accident and suffered a massive concussion. I lost my eyes. " "Can It Be Fixed? " " No harm, it is difficult , but large in the brain, and the part that offers the vision is gone, "said Waldo. " Well, you look good. There is no sign of the accident," he said. " My head was a mess, they said. " N "I can not see a scar," he said. "Alistair is your lover? " " Not anymore. We were an article 20 years ago but remained friends. I came here after the accident. " Said Waldo. Need "is a good person. " It is evident that man a little encouragement. I had some ideas on tHat. I bristled hair on his chest, then went on a treasure hunt, his Busch. He seemed uncomfortable, but not contrary. He confirmed. " Can we go in, do not feel comfortable there," he said. " pave the way," he said. entered the house and went to her bedroom. We went room Alistair s. He was engaged in non- platonic relationship with sand. Sandy was bound in a sling with a dildo in the ass. " You do not need to do this," said Waldo. " they know what I want, I 'll tell you what you want," he said. that I was out, I had my shorts. He was naked then licked my cock. I s passed the taste test and we go to them. He was slow to rise, but the wait was worth it. Its tail had a downward curve. I wonder where to meet the that if he caught me. of sand came and went lube and poppers. Alistair was obviously the program n. Waldo was the physical contact with a man first and genitals seconds. "I never had sex with a man who can not see that he had before," said Waldo. "I haveAlways take care of my appearance. It's silly that may in vain Age? I am a disaster? " " You look good. Dapper I think is the word for it, "I replied. " I n admit when you drive, not sure if anyone is in the hair, if what I mean.. " Laughed Waldo " I was a designer, " Waldo said :" Looking to the right was my life. I was proud of for me, everything perfect in a set. " " Let's do a little test and see if all is well in my ass? That ghost hare? " " years ago. " " I take that as a yes, "I said, lubricated his cock. I can be a fast motor n and I nailed his flesh before he had the opportunity to say only. was a perfect fit. the curve is rubbed directly on my prostate I went to the land. " Oh Jesus, that 's good," he lamented. We leave in a low tone, but intense nice routine. He just liked me. the warmth of my first donkey was wrapped in the ass enough for me. for me, small movements ass raised me thand the pressure of his cock into my mother. took him to the position of the seat, and I lay in bed with his cock still deep s. We speak and even had at one time, a puff of Popper. Waldo was hardened, and I have to work. He loved it when I shot It seems that out of my ass ejaculation spasms when she loved, dass " Do you mind if I leave ?" 'I asked. That was fine for me. We talked and surcharges. Finally, we must all fours. Which was your favorite position. The sand had to leave after two hours, so we leave. Waldo was a good experience. Waldo was fun, but it was a good race. Alistair and Mark called n thanked him as Ari. Waldo was in a deep funk, and my visit again n him. I was the first to have sex with him because he blind. Alistair and Ari looked at me like Mother Teresa crazy sex. Mark gave me a raise. This afternoon I was making a return visit to Joe Alladono place. ", said Joe, who was a friend from Chicago, who wantedhas to be. "Mark s, he said. " Billy has to go and I will send you to the sand. Joe said his in the pool was very dirty. " " Someone does not want someone who looks younger ? "I asked. " I do not know, but I would be surprised if this is not the case. "Mark s, he said. " You are the youngest man to work for me, but they are certainly a man , not a child. Some guys like 'em young. Billy will pick you up in two. "Did n, Billy. " He said, " " Mark, I did not want anything to hide a camera or a wire, it will be a pat on the door. Mark would not have thought would make sense. Perhaps it is a body cavity to be something. " " This should be a real celebrity. "I said. " Mario told me that Joe is known tastes. This is one reason why n Here lives. His family has no connection, so if anyone wants a walk on the wild side, make a visit. What if Joe stays with Joe, "said Billy. " There is no way for the east coast of men to discover. " Mario, Salvatore and another man met us. " These are tThe boys group, Rocco said: " Mario. Rocco was a muscular man covered skin. It was the average height but built solid. His body had a number of scars, some of n new. There excuse, we are cleaning the pool were. We left all the facilities of outside. Only Mario, who was the door man was dressed. that stripped. Rocco went through our clothes. \\ \\ n a dwarf to us, because I was naked. "This is Teddy," said Salvatore. Teddy was a power too, but will apply to your upper body only, small arms hung n short legs, was smooth, but fine. Strangely, it was better to go to the massive Rocco. Teddy tail reaching to the knees. "Are you guys shy? " When asked Teddy. " Fuck no, " said Billy. " Well, crouch, and then " ordered Teddy. His arm glowed with lubricant. I I was the first. He played with my ass then puts his hand fell from my sphincter. moaned. Teddy. Billy was taken then and sand. sand cried when the hand was in his ass. Poor Sandy wanted to the game of the Virgin. " Iu guys are clean as a whistle ! "Teddy said. We as a in the pool will be n. I was in the back of the line with Teddy. " What is your name? " Asked n. n " Bronco Bruce, "he said. " I would like to have a good time with you after you take care of the big boys. Have you ever been fucked by Preteen Pussy Pics a midget? "I asked. " This is good for me. To tell you the truth I had never thought sex with a midget, "he said. " I like guys who are hung. This is especially true for you. " smiled:" If possible I would like some time alone, "he said. " Men want to see me fuck. That's fine, but it's a bit like a circus side. I to have sex, do not lead to action. " " I can go both ways, "he said. Teddy was a good guy, but our first encounter was a bit unorthodox. It was a counter and it is the family business only. no particularly sensitive about its size, although it was a never -inch dwarf. gather around the pool were the men who had met there before, Joe, George, Salvatore, and VinceRed Dog. Big Max was the guest of Chicago. There three men with him, a confidence man named Dick and Teddy and Rocco. all n were naked and drink. Rocco went to Dick and sand immediate attention an interview. Big Joe Max brought me. Big Max had the broad shoulders, barrel chest and narrow hips. He had the body Bluto. A thick, curly, dress, beard covered most of his face. He must have been in a fight brutal, or serious accident was, because what the skin was marked by the beard cover. that had an eye patch. He had been a good pirate. I think it was of about sixty. " Hell, I'm hot," said Big Max: " Do you mind if we come to the pass the preparations, " had Preteen Pussy Pics no problem with that.
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